Friday, August 26, 2011

Food of America

            Hi Everyone, Let me just start out by saying I LOVE FOOD and I'm always into trying new foods!! The only problem with that is normally the ABSOLUTE best food is fattening and is plain off terrible for you, and I'm sure everyone knows this even if there thinking in there head right now, the pizza I had earlier had some kind of vegetable on it under all that gooey cheese (am I right??) Obviously you may want something different, and that is why I'm writing I found a slide show on,,20393387,00.html and now this is my challenge to make every type of dish on this menu simply make it better and to make everything taste AWESOME! and I'll give you recipes and pictures of all the food, and I want you to comment at the bottom to give me any of your favorite fattening recipes and lets see if I can make them better for you!! Each day I will add holiday recipes, seasonal recipes and any recipes you want me to, also some of my favorites!!!!!

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