Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Junk Food...

   So with this topic in mind I'd like to say I'm not apposed neither am I for junk food, I think if everyone were to grab an apple instead of that candy bar we would not have the problems we do today in our society, but that is not always the case and lets face it are you really going to say I don't like any kind of junk food??? I think NOT and that's just me. my obsession is chocolate if I could I would swim in a swimming pool of dark chocolate(my personal favorite, not because it has health values it just tastes better to me). So here are my favorite picks of mine tell me what you think!!

     Chocolate: I like the little miniature dark chocolate candy's like the ones you get from Halloween they are about 40calories a piece and you get that chocolate fix everyone needs. Now another must have for me at least is York peppermint patties... ummm... Only 140 calories per candy and it's minty and chocolate my favorite combination!! 

  Chips: This is a tricky topic for me because i'm not much of a person that likes chips very much, I would suggest though 100calorie packs, or I have heard Pop chips are wonderful I haven't seen them in my area yet that's why i'm not to sure. I like the idea though on the 100 calorie portion controlled snacks!

Soda: Yes it had to be said, Soda is hard to say I would go with diet soda if you need that soda taste. My absolute favorite thing to do just recently is to take a no calorie drink mix, and mix in with club soda, it ROCKS!! There are tons of flavors to choose from also!! (Yes get excited!!)

I will be adding more junk foods for you and recipes soon in the future! I live in a small town so the variety on food is not huge, I can't ever find things I want, for example it's hard to find fat free cheese any where around here! Even the produce isn't the best but I find things that look good each week and go by that. When it comes to junk food though I go on the internet and check out things like that.

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